Foster Care and Host Homes

Foster Care and Host Homes are a constant need. Every day, there are children and teenagers in need of a safe place to sleep and a family to love them through the tough times. Please see sections below for more information about the options we have available for your family.

Become a PSC Foster or host home

Foster Care


Foster Care requires OKDHS certification and approval through PSC.  Children typically will stay in your home  longer than 30 days, although there are some cases where stays may only last a couple days until a family member can be located. Children placed in foster care homes are all in OKDHS custody for various reasons, including abuse and neglect. Foster Families receive reimbursements from OKDHS. PSC can best be described as the caseworker and supporting agency for the family and are here to help you navigate the system while providing support services. We are local and just a phone call or a text away.

Basic Requirements


Foster and Host parents are responsible, mature, healthy adults capable of meeting the needs of a child in care. 

The parent must:

· Be at least 21 years of age

· Have sufficient income, independent of reimbursement payments. 

· Work as part of a team with agency staff, referring agency, and bio-parents.

· Pass background screenings & checks

· Participate in home study and trainings

· Provide required documentation

·Have compassion for children & their well-being.    

Host Home


Host Homes are made possible through a contract with the Office of Juvenile Affairs. Host Home families must go through an approval process with PSC and once approved, children and teens can be placed in your household for short term stays, anywhere from a few hours up to 30 days. The primary difference between ost and foster care is that Host Homes are geared for ages 12 to 18, and instead of OKDHS reimbursements, PSC will provide you with reimbursements. Host Home children may or may not be OKDHS custody since we can accept voluntary parent placements in case a cooling off period is needed for the family or maybe there was a family emergency where the youth needs a temporary place to stay.