Mental Health

PSC provides outpatient counseling services to youth ages 3 to 19 and their families throughout the Panhandle in either an office or school based setting. We have physical offices in both Guymon and Beaver and travel to other locations throughout Cimarron, Beaver, and Texas county based on need.  Our counselors work with parents and youth to set goals and solve problems for a better future with the youth in mind. We have several counselors on staff, each trained in various therapeutic approaches to better help youth and families.

  • Individual, Family, and Group Counseling
  • Counseling for parents
  • Parent Child Interactive Therapy for ages 3 to 6 with optional add on for Problematic Sexual Behavior 
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

All of our services and training are geared towards youth and family services. There is no cost to the services PSC provides so there is no burden on the family to seek out mental health services.

Not sure if counseling is right for you? Call us today to set up an assessment to determine which program is the best fit to help your child and family have the best future possible. 

Community At Risk (CARS)

The CARS program (Community At Risk)  is designed to provide counseling services to at-risk youth and their families. Youth referred for services typically are serving on probation as a result of a legal violation. Once referred, the counselor and youth complete an intake/assessment, develop goals for treatment, and begin regular counseling sessions (individual and/or family). Other services may include: anger management, life skills, and independent living information, among others.

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