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It's My Life

The It's My Life program is an educationally based 12-hour group that is both diversionary and preventative for youth ages 12 to 18. The program was designed to teach and/or enhance a variety of skills that will improve the likelihood that the participants will make better life choices, experience healthier family dynamics, and an improved sense of self-competency. Since family members generally play a key role in the lives of youth referred to the program, at least one parent/legal guardian or alternate parenting-adult is required to attend the sessions with the referred youth. Program curriculum is most appropriate for ages 13-18, although it can be modified for younger youth. 


Life Skills

 The Botvin LifeSkills Training School program is a substance abuse and violence prevention education program, and is one of the most effective evidence-based programs used in schools today. In addition to helping kids resist drug, alcohol, and tobacco use, the LifeSkills Training School program effectively supports the reduction of violence and other high-risk behaviors including peer pressure, low self-esteem, anxiety, and media influence. Certified PSC Life Skills instructors work within schools and teach classes at no cost to the school. 


Parenting Education

 The parenting classes at PSC are structured around the Nurturing Parent approach which is family centered and trauma informed. We work with parents to build nurturing parenting skills as an alternative to abuse and neglect. The long term goals are to prevent recidivism in families receiving social services, lower the rate of multi-parent teenage pregnancies, reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency and alcohol abuse, and stop the intergenerational cycle of child abuse by teaching positive parenting behaviors. Counseling services are also available to parents.


Anger Management


Anger Management classes follow the curriculum provided by SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Everyone experiences anger from time to time, but intense or prolonged anger can jeopardize relationships, education, and even freedom. Those who struggle to control their anger are increasingly finding their way to behavioral health professionals for assistance. PSC’s anger management course attempts to prevent kids and families from entering the mental health, juvenile justice, or department of human services system.


Specialized Services, Training, and Presentations

  The staff at PSC can develop and implement individualized programs for the community or schools based on need. Individualized programs provided in the past include presentations on self-esteem, sexting, bullying prevention, child abuse awareness, mental health awareness, personal hygiene, drug and alcohol education, self-harm, and others. To request a specific training or presentation for your school or community group, please contact us at 580-338-7082 or email

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